Opticstar PX-125C
Opticstar PX-125C
The Opticstar PX-125C colour video camera for guiding and planetary imaging.
Opticstar PX-35C
The Opticstar PX-35C COOLAIR colour video camera for high quality planetary and lunar imaging.
High Speed Imaging
Opticstar PL-131M COOLAIR
The Opticstar PL-131M COOLAIR is a 1.3MP colour video camera for high speed
imaging at up to 220 frames per second.
Cooled CCD
Opticstar DS-142M ICE
The Opticstar DS-142M ICE is a TEC cooled, 1.4 mega pixel mono CCD camera for deep sky imaging.
Opticstar Off-Axis Guider
Opticstar Off-Axis Guider.
The Opticstar Off-Axis Guider is low profile and compatible with the vast majority of imaging telescopes.
AR80S Guidescope
Opticstar AR80S Guidescope.
The AR80S Guidescope is the ideal short tube refractor for auto-guiding. Includes collimating rings...
Imaging Focal Reducer
Imaging Focal reducer.
The Opticstar 1.25" Imaging Focal Reducer has been designed exclusively for photography.
C/CS to 1.25" Nosepiece
1.25" Nosepiece.
The Opticstar C/CS to 1.25" allows C/CS mount cameras to be attached to any standard 1.25" eyepiece holder.
Guiding Eyepieces
Guiding eyepieces.
Advanced illuminated reticule eyepieces. Plossl 6mm and 12mm models
include micrometric x-y positio- ning controls.
Barlow Lens 1.25" x2
Barlow lens.
A barlow lens with male T-thread, metal body, cemented doublet fully multi coated achromatic lens.
Eyepiece Projection Kit
Eyepiece projection kit.
This Eyepiece Projection Kit is a two-part T/1.25" camera adaptor used for prime focus and eyepiece projection astrophotography
with SCTs and refractors.
Photo-Vis. Focal Reducer
Focal reducer.
A F 0.5 focal reducer that will fit on standard 1.25" focusers also screw on standard 1.25" eyepieces.
Cooled CCD Cameras
Opticstar DS-616C XL is Astronomy Magazine's
Star Product
updated: 26st September 2016
Opticstar DS-616C XL.
Opticstar DS-616C XL.
Not all large format CCD T.E.C. cooled cameras are created equal.
The Opticstar DS-616C XL has earned the annual star product award from Astronomy, the world's best-selling astronomy magazine. Read about it in the September 2013 issue.

The DS-616C XL 6 mega-pixel camera is in a class of its own with 50% higher sensitivity in real-world applications (100% max) than other cameras using the same Sony CCD due to its hardware gain and outstanding hardware noise suppression, both features implemented in the camera hardware...
Planetary Video Cameras
Opticstar PX-137 COOLAIR Scientific Grade Cameras
updated: 24th September 2014
Opticstar PX-137 COOLAIR.
Image captured by Gary Palmer with the Opticstar PX-137 COOLAIR.
Opticstar is proud to announce the release of its new PX-137C COOLAIR (colour model) and PX-137M COOLAIR (monochrome model) scientific grade 1/3" sCMOS cameras. These 1.3 megapixel video cameras combine high frame rates with extremely high sensitivity, a wide dynamic range and unusually low noise outperforming more expensive CCD cameras...
Opticstar Picture of the Day
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Jupiter by S. Ota with the Opticstar PX-35C COOLAIR.
Opticstar Telescopes
Short Tube Refractors for Visual Observation and Imaging
updated: 19th September 2014
Opticstar ED and AR range.
Opticstar AR80S (f5) Gold - Dual Speed.
The Opticstar ED apo-chromatic and AR achromatric refractors are well suited for both astronomical and terrestrial observation. The ED models use Fluorite FPL-53 optics, rigid construction and low focal ratio of f/6.25 making them ideal for deep sky imaging. All models are well suited for use as guide scopes or as a travel scopes.
North America
updated: 11th June 2015
Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes
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John Haunton's step-by-step astroimaging.
John Haunton. Step-by-step articles on astroimaging.
Peter Karboulonis' articles for amateur astronomers.
Peter Karboulonis practical articles on astronomy.
Sample Images
Opticstar PL-130M CoolAir
posted: 10th February 2009
Mosaic of the Moon at 2354x4010 pixels 
 captured by Herwig Sulzbacher.
An impressive 9.4 megapixel mosaic of the Moon by Herwig Sulzbacher with the Opticstar PL-130M.
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Sample Images
Opticstar DS-335C ICE
updated: 20th August 2010
Sample image.
The M8 nebula shot by John Haunton with the Opticstar DS-335C ICE.
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